On this page you will find details of our latest exploits


The long awaited Outlander finally aired on US TV on 9th. August. Action Vehicle Agency supplied a number of vehicles for this major TV series.






The Railway Man starring Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth has it's UK cinema launch on 10th. January 2014. Action Vehicle Agency supplied all of the period vehicles for the 1980 scenes that were filmed in Edinburgh and North Berwick in May 2012.




We are delighted to be involved with Outlander which is currently being shot in Scotland . This is a lavish American TV drama backed by the Sony Corporation. A redundant factory space in Cumbernauld has been taken over as a studio with filming there and at various locations taking place over the next year. This is a massive boost for the film industry in Scotland and, hopefully, can only lead to a better future for the industry.

Action Vehicle Agency has supplied all of the vehicles for the 1940's scenes. However due to the secrecy involved we are unable to bring you any pictures yet but watch this space!


In early October we were asked to supply 2 precision drivers for an Audi Quattro TV commercial that was being shot in the far north west of Scotland. This is part of a production that is being shot in extreme locations throughout the world extolling the virtues of the Quattro 4 wheel drive system. We drove 3 models, an A4 quattro, an A4 allroad and an A5 sportback. The location was a twisting section of coastal road north of Lochinver in Sutherland. The cars were driven along this section of road with filming taking place overhead from a helicopter. The director was hoping to have a wet and windy day with the waves crashing over the road, however the day was glorious with blue skies and a flat calm sea. No doubt the CGI team will have some work to do!!



During the summer we provided a beautiful Mercedes 230CE coupe on a photo shoot for popular High Street fashion chain New Look. Locations were along the south east coast of Scotland. The clients were absolutely delighted with the car. It was out on location for a total of 3 days and featured in the autumn collection. We think that you will agree that the end results look great.



Currently showing on the BBC primetime slot, Sunday evening 8.30pm is Case Histories starring Jason Isaacs. We worked on this production for almost 3 months last year and supplied around 30 vehicles. The opening scenes were set in Munich.




 When MTS the leading Scottish commercials production company needed a reliable action vehicle supplier they came to the right people!! We supplied this 1971 Bedford TK truck for Singapore Airlines who were shooting a commercial in Scotland.



Despite what you may have read on other Scottish based action vehicle websites, the first quarter of 2013 has been very quiet for the film industry in Scotland with no major productions to our knowledge. As Scotland's leading supplier of period vehicles we are well placed to know exactly what is going on. We are very proud of our standing in the industry and are more than happy to set the record straight.

Having said that things are starting to pick up and in the last few weeks we have sourced the Land Rover currently appearing in the latest McDonalds advert which was shot on the Isle of Millport as well as other Scottish locations.

We are also supplying a truck for a commercial for a World leading organisation in the coming weeks and we have also had the nod for two major film's due to be shot in Scotland over the summer. 


At the end of April we supplied this 1934 Sentinel steam wagon for an event in Inverness. This is the only one of it's kind in the World. It was transported by low loader from it's base in the North of England to Inverness. It caused a bit of a sensatyion being driven through Inverness with all of it's passengers dressed in period gear.



We recently supplied this little Citroen 2CV for the latest Bank of Scotland newspaper and poster ad so watch out for it appearing on a poster near you soon!!



This is a 1974 commemoration model Jaguar E Type V12. This is one of the last 50 E Types built and they are now very much sought after. This one was out on a photoshoot for an American fashion magazine in Argyll last weekend. The owner was put up in a hotel overnight and he had a great day out as well as being handsomely paid.




It's great to see that "Cloud Atlas" the $100,000,000 film, part of which was shot in Glasgow in 2011, is showing at the Glasgow Film Theatre on 17 & 18 February as part of the Glasgow Film Festival. The film stars among others Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Jim Broadbent. "Action Vehicle Agency" supplied a large number of vehicles for the film including 1960's American cars for the San Francisco street scenes and 1930's cars for the London scenes.

The film goes on general release in the UK on 22nd. February. 



2012 has been another busy year for Action Vehicle Agency and we thought we would keep you updated on what to look out for in the coming year.

If you are a "Downton Abbey" fan then don't miss the Christmas day special when the family are invited to visit relatives in Scotland. This was shot at Inveraray Castle in the summer and we supplied a 1910 and 1912 Renault for scenes there.

Currently showing at selected cinemas is "Up There" which was filmed in Glasgow and Saltcoats in the summer of 2010. It recently won best film and best director for Zam Salim at the Scottish BAFTA's

2013 will see a number of productions which we were involved in both in cinema and on TV. "Cloud Atlas", the $100m dollar production, part of which was shot in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dumbarton in 2011 is due for release. We supplied a large number of seventies American vehicles as well as early thirties and modern day vehicles.

Another major cinema production due for release is "The Railway Man" starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. We supplied a number of seventies vehicles for this production which was shot in Edinburgh and North Berwick in may 2012.

On TV look out for series 2 of "Case Histories" starring Jason Isaacs and Victoria Wood. "Keep Cooking and Carry On" is a new cookery show for the BBC2 teatime slot. We sourced and assisted in the conversion of 2 Citroen HY vans for this production. And of course we are currently working on "The Field of Blood" which will be shown around spring 2013.

If you happen to be in the United States over the coming months then look out The Dewars Whisky ad which  was shot in Greenock and Glasgow in September and features a Bristol 411 and American truck which were both supplied by us.

We would just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a  Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous 2013!!




We are currently filming in and around the Glasgow area on the 2nd. series of the BBC drama "The Field of Blood" starring David Morrisey, Jayd Johnson and Ford Kiernan. Set in 1984 it tells the story of Paddy Meehan a young journalist working for the fictional "Glasgow City News". We have supplied a number of vehicles including a Rover SD1, Mercedes 200, Ford Granada police car and a Dodge Spacevan (when did you last see one of them!!)      



 *****CAR FOR SALE*****

The Bristol 411 that we used recently on the "Dewars Whisky" ad is now for sale. It is a 1971 model and is in excellent condition mechanically having done a 500 mile round trip to star in the production. Body and interior is also good and could be used as is or would benefit from sympathetic restoration. For further information contact Willie on 07985254938 or Greg on 07799 431240 for further details.



We are looking for a late seventies or eighties panel van for a TV production in the Glasgow area in December. In particular we would like a Transit, Sherpa or Bedford CF sized vehicle. Good rate of pay for the correct vehicle. 



We have just about completed filming on the final block of the |BBC production "Case Histories" which has been in production in and around Edinburgh since late August. At the end of the month filming starts on the second series of "The Field of Blood". This BBC production is set in 1984 and will be filmed in and around the Glasgow area. We are supplying a number of period vehicles.




In early October we supplied this lovely 1975 BMW CSi for the TK Maxx Christmas 2012 commercial, part of which was shot in Glasgow and Hamilton. The car was out for four days and the owner is now progressing with some restoration work thanks to the tidy sum he earned!


We have been in action again this week filming a major commercial for Dewar's Whisky. The commercial which is bound for the North American market was shot at the sugar sheds in Greenock by the renowned production company RSA. It features a 1970 Bristol 411 which we sourced and had delivered up from Yorkshire and the International Harvester American road sweeper that made it's debut last year  in "Cloud Atlas" and is now owned locally. Willie Bennie was on hand to provide precision driving services for the Bristol. Both vehicles are shown on set.












Filming on the first 2 episodes of case Histories has just finished and we start on the next 2 episodes next week. We had a rather smart 1976 Austin Princess out in Edinburgh for a flashback scene.

We are also due to start work on 2 major commercials that will be shot in Scotland over the next few weeks.




We have just started filming on the second series of the popular BBC production "Case Histories" starring Jason Isaacs. Filming is taking place in and around Edinburgh and will continue until mid November with the programme being shown in 2013.

We are using a number of vehicles from cars to vans and trucks and although set in modern day there are a couple of "flashback" scenes where we will be using 1970's vehicles. 

AUGUST 2012 

These 2 iconic Citroen HY vans are currently doing the rounds in the UK starring in a new celebrity chef show that is in production for one of the major channels.

We were delighted to help out  after the one that had been chosen for the pilot show let the production team down.  We helped in sourcing these 2 vehicles which were then sent to the UK's leading manufacturer of mobile catering units where they had bespoke kitchens fitted in them. 

The programme should be seen on the tea time slot later in the year. 



In late July we supplied a 1910 Renault Landaulette and a 1912 Renault Limousine for the award winning ITV drama Downton Abbey.




If you watched the biggest event of the year, the opening of the 2012 Olympics on 27th. July, you may have caught a glimpse a 1933 Austin 7 saloon in the Mr. Bean dream sequence.

We were contacted in early May and asked if we could supply such a vehicle specifically in maroon and black and from our extensive database we had the exact vehicle for the shoot.

The scenes were shot over 3 days and in strict secrecy (so unfortunately we have no location shots) at St. Andrews beach under the direction of Oscar winner Danny Boyle and the crew were delighted with the car. 



Our 1967 Triumph Vitesse convertible was out in Edinburgh recently on a photo shoot for the Global clothing company "Anthropologie" It's "shabby chic" look worked perfectly with the surrounding location and the car was very well received by the crew. Also in June we had a Morris Minor, Daimler 250 V8 and a traditional Land Rover out on a photo shoot for a German magazine.



This stunning 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle was used recently in the filming of the latest music video from Scottish band "Twin Atlantic" who are currently touring with Blink 187. Some precision driving scenes were also supplied by Willie Bennie owner of "Action Vehicle Agency".

This is only one of an impressive list of American vehicles from sedans to trucks and fire engines that we have available for film, TV, video's and photo shoots.









The big guns were back in Scotland in May with "The Railway Man" starring Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. Based on a true story and set in 1980 with flashbacks to 1945 "Action Vehicle Agency" sourced over 30 vehicles from both era's. Two of the vehicles supplied were used as the lead characters cars and we sourced a very rare 1972 furniture removal van which had to be delivered from Kent. 

This means that "Action Vehicle Agency" has now supplied vehicles for most of the major period productions filmed in Scotland over the past 5 years.

We have built up an excellent working relationship with many of the major production companies, designers and buyers both in the UK and abroad and you can be sure that we will be able to source the exact vehicles for your requirements be it just the one or a full fleet.
















This smart 1933 Austin 7 will be seen in late July in a commercial which was directed by an Oscar winner!! We are unable to say much more about it meantime or show any images from the shoot but it was out for 3 days and earned it's owner a tidy fee.

This is only one of our extensive list of early vehicles that we have available. 









We recently supplied a 1968 MG Midget and a 1970 triumph TR6 for a Bank of Scotland advert. This advert ran on billboards and in national newspapers throughout the UK.

From our extensive database of over 1000 vehicles we can supply the exact vehicle for your needs. 


On a chilly night in November we were out in Edinburgh with a Vauxhall Astra and trailer for the annual Christmas drink driving campaign commercial. 

We have supplied various vehicles over the last few years for the production company involved. 


When Hollywood came to Glasgow (again!!) for their latest blockbuster "Cloud Atlas", the natural choice was of supplier was"Action Vehicle Agency".

Set over 3 different era's we supplied vehicles from the 1920's & 30's, over twenty 1970's American cars including a genuine American fire truck and a selection of modern day cars including two identical Range Rovers.

Due for release in 2013 the film stars Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent and a host of other major artists. 











When the BBC were producing their latest drama production "Young James Herriot" they came back to "Action Vehicle Agency" to supply the vehicles.

We were able to supply a number of twenties and thirties cars and trucks as well as some push bikes at various locations throughout central Scotland.

We have worked on a number of major BBC dramas over the past few years including "Field of Blood", "When Eric met Ernie", "Hattie" and "The thirty nine steps".



We recently supplied a rather smart 1963 Ford Zodiac for the latest offering from up and coming band "All the Young" Filming took place in the east end of Glasgow and a specialist tracking vehicle was brought up from London. Willie Bennie of "Action Vehicle Agency" also provided precision driving services.


Another BBC production "Case Histories" was set in modern day, however there were a number of flashback scenes to the late sevenities and we were able to supply period vehicles including a BMC ambulance and a Vauxhall Viva police car. 








Set in 1982 this BBC production tells the story of a young Glasgow girl who goes to work in a newspaper office.

The impressive cast list includes Peter Capaldi, David Morrisey  and Ford Kiernan.

Action Vehicle Agency supplied over 30 period vehicles for this production including vans and police cars. 






 We travelled to Morecambe and Stockport in September for the BBC production "When Eric met Ernie" about the early days of Morecambe & Wise.

 We supplied a number of fifties cars and trucks for the drama which starred (and was produced by) Victoria Wood and Jim Moir (Vic Reeves).