Precision driving can be broadly defined as a drivers' ability to carry out any vehicular manoeuvres in a safe and precise manner. This is not to be confused with Stunt driving where high speeds are involved and there is a risk of injury. On many occasions stunt drivers are hired for scenes that could clearly be achieved through the use of a precision driver. This impacts on your budget as you are no doubt aware that most stunt coordinators and drivers are based in the south of England so there is the added cost of transport, accommodation and fees etc.

Action Vehicle Agency can supply precision drivers and motorcyclists, many of whom are ex police advanced drivers and many with close protection and VIP driving experience. These drivers have undergone training at The Scottish Police College which is regarded as having one of the most intense driving courses in the UK. and have been involved in the safe passage of members of the Royal family, heads of Government and visiting dignitaries.

We have drivers with experience in cars, trucks and buses as well as advanced motorcyclists.

Previous precision driving commissions include Aston Martin "Power Soul & Beauty" commercial, Volvo XC90 "Stormy Night" commercial, "Imogene Macarthery" a major French film where we supplied a precision driving double for Catherine Frot the leading actress as well as other precision drivers and "Eagle of the Ninth".