Do you have an interesting vehicle that you would like the opportunity to earn some extra money from. Using it for film and TV work can be a lucrative way to finance next years insurance or pay for new tyres etc. If you would like more information contact us with the details of your vehicle (or vehicles!) and we will add them to our database.

Have a look at some of the FAQ's below


How much does it cost to register on the Database?

Registration with Action Vehicle Agency is absolutely free and unlike other Action Vehicle Agencies we put no restriction on you registering with other companies.

How much am I likely to make?

Unlike some other agencies, we don't have expensive overheads like fancy websites and premises, but that doesn't make us any less professional. It does mean however that we can give you top rate for the hire of your vehicle.


The rate really depends on the type of production and size of budget. Other factors to include are the type of vehicle, whether it is required as a main action or "Hero" vehicle or if it is needed for background dressing scenes. It is our remit however to negotiate with the production company and secure the best possible deal. Your fee and any travelling expenses etc. will be discussed and agreed in advance of the production commencing. Payment, normally by cheque, is usually paid direct from the production company budget.

What about insurance?

Your vehicle should be insured, taxed and MOT'd (although in some circumstances this may not be required if the vehicle is being used off road). Normally the production company will insure vehicles for use on set.

Who will drive my vehicle?

If your vehicle is to be used for dressing you may get the opportunity to drive it yourself. Otherwise it may be driven by an actor or supporting artist with your permission. In these circumstances full instruction will be given to the driver to ensure that he/she is fully conversant with the controls and vehicles will only be driven under controlled conditions. Health and Safety is taken very seriously in the film industry and strict guidelines have to be adhered to.

What will happen on set?

You will be met by a representative from "Action Vehicle Agency" This will be your first point of contact on set and any questions should be directed to that person. Your day could be long and you should be prepared for this but you should find the experience interesting. Your vehicle should be prepared and "ready to roll" at a moments notice so if it needs time to heat up, build up air pressure etc. you should bear this in mind. There is usually a good supply of tea and coffee available and most productions have excellent catering facilities on set.

What happens if I break down?

We will do our best to help get your vehicle running again but unfortunately if your vehicle can't be used on the day then the production company are unlikely to pay for it.

 My vehicles a bit on the rough side. Would you still be interested in it?

Of course we would. Your vehicle doesn't need to be in concours condition and in most cases production companies are happier working with vehicles that portray everyday examples. This also means that you don't need to spend hours cleaning and polishing!

How do I register with you?

Contact us via any of the methods on the Contacts page and I will get back to you. If you are emailing, a picture and description of your vehicle/s would be appreciated. If you have any further questions please feel free to call and discuss.